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XP & Grinding Guide

 By Tally & Jtk Gaming

XP Multiplyers

⦁Training gear

Cheap to craft, many will most likely do free of charge or for very little gold. 
If you're CP160+ and wanting to pump out those CP levels, it's never a bad idea to keep a level 150/160CP training set to do your daily norms or skyshards or even pledges. For the under 160s purple gear is fine but for the 160s+ it can be helpful to gold out your training set and this can also be then used for other characters (same can go for lower level training sets. Always re-usable) 


⦁Eso Plus

ESO plus gives you a 10% XP bonus.

eso plus.png

⦁Ring of Mara

This is good for the friends/couples who play together. You can get "married" ;-p and get another 10% boost when grouped and doing content or levelling together. 

*NOTE: This is only obtained through the Crown Store.
A link down below for a more in-depth explanation on where and how to do it.


XP is actually better in a group of TWO (2) rather than just being by yourself. Again, 10% more XP. So not only is it quicker/easier to kill mobs with 2 you get the extra XP. So very beneficial to be paired. 
Be mindful though that if someone/s outside of your group of 2 is in the same grind spot as you, the game treats that as the 3 (or more) people that are there, so your 2 person bonus is basically done.


⦁ XP Potions and Scrolls

Scrolls- Multiple ways you can get scrolls, daily log in, crown crates, leveling up rewards or buy from the Crown Store. 
Potions- Same thing really but they're ingame purchases (with gold) or you can make them yourself *IF* you have the recipe. These get higher in price as the value gets higher in percentage and also during XP events.
*Founder under "drinks" on a guild trader.
Both available in: 50%, 100% & 150% & time varies between 30 minutes and 2 hours.


Fighters Guild- Banish The Wicked, Gain 3 ultimate whenever you kill an enemy. This is very handy for grinding as you get ultimate back pretty quickly. 

Speed buffs- Can be gained from many different things, some classes have it build in with abilities. 

Eg; Race Against Time (Psijic Skill Line)
Alliance War Assault Line: Rapid (2nd skill, either morph)
You can also craft or buy speed pots. (Basic recipe: Blessed Thistle & Scrib Jelly and whatever water level you can craft)

*Note you may end up going faster than their spawn times but you'll figure that out after a round or 2 and decide from there if the speed is too much for the area you're in.



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