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Content Creator Guides & Tips

If you're in to streaming, creating youtube videos, TikTok shorts or you just want to get started, these videos will show you how. Tap in to years of experience from our creators.

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Audio Guides

How to make your microphone more sound professional

by FragManSaul

If your microphone sounds like a tin can this guide will give you the opportunity to adjust the depth, reverb and basic sound of any input device, microphone or line it.

The Voice Meeter programs can be daunting to set up but in this guide Saul will show you how to configure your PC to get the most out of your mic.  

Using one microphone in a dual PC setup

by FragmanSaul

Got yourself a dual PC setup but wanting to use just one microphone? Set up Voice Meeter with VBAN to send your microphone audio feed from your Stream PC to your Game PC over your network. It's simple to set up, cost effective and will save you messing around with sending your audio over 3.5mm audio ports which can generate noise.

Streaming Tools

3 Ways to add a Bit DonationTimer, Clock, Countdown Timer & Stopwatch to your Stream 2020

by FragManSaul

Need to add a simple clock to your stream? Require an interactive timer or alarm you can use on OBS as an overlay or do you plan to setup a stream marathon and need a bit timer? We look at 3 simple tools to get you started.

How to set up Stream Alerts Basic & Advanced - Streamlabs vs Stream Elements 2020

by FragManSaul

Learn the basics of setting up stream alerts whether you're using Streamlabs or Stream Elements. Both are good stream companion programs and this guide will help you to set up either. 


If you need help on a topic please get in touch with FragManSaul via email or on his discord

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