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A Selection of some of the best RANGED WEAPONS Elden Ring has to offer

Horn Bow

A quick guide to get the bow named "Horn Bow" which has a high dexterity rating. Its a great weapon to get and no killing is required.

Hand Ballista

I don't know if this is a meme or actually viable.. maybe you guys can tell me. This is my guide on how to get the Hand Ballista in Elden Ring.

Black Bow

This is the BEST bow build going on Elden Ring. The guide even includes the location to the bloodbone arrows and serpent arrows as well as the Black Bow location.

This is the BEST crossbow on Elden Ring. It has huge burst damage potential and works off hand and as a main weapon.

Pulley Crossbow 

Jar Cannon

A quick guide to get the Jar Cannon, or as i call it, the literal glass cannon.

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