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Dragon Knight Builds


High Isle ONE BAR Hybrid DK Build

Release date (July, 2022)

By - sawmanUK

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Check out the latest and greatest OAKENSOUL Hybrid DK Build. This build packs a lot of damage whilst being a little different from the other DK's in Cyrodiil. 

High Isle Mag DK 1 Bar PVP Build

Release date (June, 2022)

By - CapnCrunch

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Want a broken 1 bar mag DK build? Whelp here you go. 7200 Weapon Damage 100k Pen? Crazy Ultimate Regen? Yes Please

Ascending Tide Mag DK PVP Build

Release date (Apr, 2022)

By - TheRealGodzilla

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In this video we go over Zilla's Update Magic Dragonknight PvP Build for the Ascending Tide DLC. Overall this has to be one of the most fun DK builds i have had in a long time. This build has great sustain, burst damage, and survivability. We cover everything in this video from

Stam Whip DK PVP Build

Release date (Dec, 2021)

By - JTK Gaming

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Stamina Dragon Knight Whip Build - This build is Dumb by verified by Captncrunch so it's actually pretty good. 

Bash Knight Deadlands Demolisher

Release date (Nov, 2021)

By - FragManSaul Written Build coming very soon

Probably ones of the strongest Bash builds to date. 40k Hp huge bash damage and Corrosive armour with bash attacks melts Heavy armour builds.

ABOVE Average/ OP - Stamina ‘Iron’ Dragon Knight

Release date (July, 2021)

By - sawmanUK

This is a nice balance of tankyness and Dot-tastic damage.

This will be what ill be running on my Stamina DK for a while. When I'm not ganking , DK's are one of my favourite things to run, so I'm happy I finally have a viable build on PC.


Coming Soon

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