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Some of Elden Rings Best kept Secrets below:

Elden Ring has some of the best kept secrets in any video game. A lot of them can be easy to miss between the chaos of boss fights and running away from mobs. So make sure you check out the guides below for some of Elden Rings best kept secrets!  

Hidden Path to the HaligTree

Don't miss this secret are on the Hidden path to the Haligtree. It has invisible bridges, a secret wall and a hidden boss which drops a really good spirit summon. 

Don't miss this Super Secret Area In Stormveil Castle! 

A lot of people would of skipped past this secret area in Stormveil castle, make sure you're not one of them! Contains: Ash of War: Stormcaller Aspects of the Crucible: Horns

Bestial Sanctum - Patch 1.03.2

With the latest patch, opens up a whole new parkour area to explore, check out the video for more details. 

Sellia Hideaway - Caelid

Not all liars are a head...Elden Ring Secret Wall in Caelid which leads to Sellia Hideaway! The following loot can be found inside: Stars of Ruin (quest reward) for opening the Seal. Crystal Torrent (Boss drop) Crystal Spear Weapon Crystalian Ashes Spirit Summon

Volcano Manor

Elden Ring Secret Wall Volcano Manor. 50 hit Invisible wall. Secret Wall Elden Ring. New Secret Wall

Crumbling Farum Azula Teleport

Crumbling Farum Azula early Game secret Skip. No need to kill the fire giant, just skip straight to the end game zone.

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