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We don't just play Elder Scrolls Online in Gorilla HQ we also mess around on the single player Elder Scrolls games too and enjoy modding them. Check out our guides on turning Morrowind and Skyrim multiplayer as well as mods we use regular on our playthoughs, how to install them and which the best are.

You'll also find a collection of our previous Elder Scrolls live streams and multiplayer stream where we use the mods listed in the guides.


If you have any mods or game modes you want us to play, stream or even want to join, head over to our discord and drop on of us a DM

Multiplayer MOD Guides

Do you want to play Skyrim or Morrowind with your friends? Don't worry sawmanUK has you covered with two detailed written guides with download files for both games. Just click on the guide below you want and let doggo explain the rest.

skyrim together reborn.png

Skyrim Together Reborn

Launched 8th July

Check out the latest and greatest Skyrim Co-op MOD, Skyrim Together Reborn . Written guide here: Skyrim Together Reborn


Skyrim Together Reborn Server Install

Launched 8th July

. Written guide here: Skyrim Together Reborn Server Install


Click HERE for Morrowind Multiplayer Guide

Screenshot 2022-06-05 194047.jpg

Click HERE for Skyrim Together Install Guide

Screenshot 2022-06-05 194109.jpg

Want to see how Skyrim Together looks? Look no further and check out the highlights of two multiplayer sessions and watch the comedy unfold! 

Morrowind is one of the greats! Add a friend and you'll have a classic gaming experience! Watch Gorilla-HQ friend Steady Eddy and his carnage playthrough with sawmanUK.

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