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High Isle 1 Bar Mag DK PVP Build

Mag DK 1 Bar Stage 3 Vampire PVP Build

Such a broken build, but super fun to play! Hurry and give it a try before it gets a fat nerf!

Attributes - 64 Magic

Mundus Stone - The Atronach

Vampire Stage 3

Race - Imperial

Food - Orzorga's Smoked Bear Haunch


Gear Sets and Champ Points


Active Skills


Front Bar


Stone Giant

Crush the earth beneath you, dealing 2323 Physical Damage to all enemies within 6 meters of you. Debris ripped from the ground is held around you for 10 seconds. Activating the ability again allows you to launch part of the debris at an enemy, dealing 2323 Physical Damage, up to 3 times. The final cast stuns for 2.5 seconds. Each hit applies Stagger, increasing damage taken by 65 per stack for 5 seconds.


Burning Embers

Slash an enemy with flame, dealing 1161 Flame Damage and an additional 2315 Flame Damage over 10 seconds. You heal for 50% of the damage done with this ability. Enemies hit by the initial hit are afflicted with the Burning status effect.


Burning Talons

Call forth talons from the ground, dealing 1799 Flame Damage to enemies near you, an additional 1808 Flame Damage over 4 seconds, and immobilizing them for 4 seconds. An ally near the talons can activate the Ignite synergy, dealing 2812 Flame Damage to all enemies held within them.


Flame Lash

Lash an enemy with flame, dealing 2323 Flame Damage. If you strike an enemy that is immobilized or stunned, you set them Off Balance. Targeting an Off Balance or immobilized enemy changes this ability into Power Lash, allowing you to lash an enemy at half cost to deal 2760 Flame Damage and healing you for 2760 Health.


Coagulating Blood

Draw on your draconic blood to heal for 2999, increasing by up to 50% additional healing based on your missing Health. You also gain Major Fortitude, increasing your Health Recovery by 30% for 20 seconds.

ability_dragonknight_018_b (1).png

Corrosive Armor

Oxidize the green Dragon blood in your veins, limiting incoming damage to 3% of your Max Health and dealing 347 Poison Damage to nearby enemies each second for 10 seconds. While active, this ability and your direct damage dealt ignores enemy Physical and Spell Resistance.

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