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The High Isle Chapter Preview for PTS will be out on Monday the 18th of April. Once this is live, we shall go through and test all the sets and see what sort of PVP'ness they have. 

Stay tuned Apes! 

High Isle Chapter Release Date: 

6th June PC

21st of June Console  

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A Preview of what's to come for the High Isle Chapter release In June!

 More Info to follow once the PTS is Live on Monday, however please enjoy this preview of the sets that have been announced! 


Overland Sets:


  • Blessing of High Isle - When you are healed while in combat, increase your weapon and spell damage for 5 seconds.

  • Steadfast’s Mettle - While you have a food buff active, reduce the cost of your core combat abilities by 25%.

  • Systres’ Scowl - When you bash an enemy, place Systres’ Scowl on them for 15 seconds. When hit by a light attack, a target with Systres’ Scowl takes 1790 frost damage, up to once per second.


Crafted Sets:


  • Order’s Wrath - Increases your critical damage and critical healing by 8%.

  • Serpent’s Disdain - Increases the duration of status effects you apply by 16 seconds.

  • Druid’s Braid - This is a highly unusual set that has 12 item bonuses meaning you need to put it on all of your item slots to gain the full effect. The set basically just gives you a lot of extra max health, magicka and stamina.


Trial sets (perfected versions of these sets are available from the Veteran version of Dreadsail Reef):


  • Coral Riptide - Increase your weapon and spell damage by up to 740 based on your missing stamina. The perfected version grants an extra 1487 offensive penetration.

  • Pearlescent Ward - Increase your weapon and spell damage by 180 for you and up to 11 other group members based on how many group members are alive. Increase your damage resistance from non-player attacks by up to 66% based on how many group members are dead. You can only benefit from this set from one source. The perfected version grants an extra 1206 maximum health.

  • Pillager’s Profit - Casting an ultimate ability while in combat grants 28% of the ultimate’s cost as ultimate to up to 11 group members within 12 meters. Group members can only be affected by this set every 25 seconds. The perfected version also grants you 126 extra magicka recovery.

  • Whorl of the Depths - When you deal damage with a light attack, you apply a Whorl of the Depths to the target, dealing Frost damage over 8 seconds. When this effect ends, a 5 meter whirlpool is created under the target for 6 seconds, and deals frost damage every 1 second. This effect can occur every 18 seconds and scales off the higher of your weapon or spell damage. The perfected version of the set also gives you 657 critical chance.

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