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High Isle - Snipe Build - sawmanUK


Are Snipe builds viable again? They never really died, they just took a bit of a snooze with the damage increase to 2H/DW ganking. However, with the current state of PVP, there's a prime opportunity for Snipe builds to be viable and FUN again! 



Kahjiit - Dark Elf - Wood Elf- Khajiits are always optimal for Ganking due to the extra 10% crit damage they get. However, Dark Elf with their weapon damage and Wood Elf with their sustain also work, hell, why not an Orc too!

Attribute points


-Magicka 11

-Health 7

-Stamina 46


-Shadow - Gives Extra Crit Damage

You have to remember, when attacking from stealth, your first hit is ALWAYS a crit, so you want to hit as hard as possible.

Stage 3 or 4 Vamp for the Undeath Passive and

Strike from shadows for the extra 300 Weapon Damage.


Lava foot Soup and Saltrice

Increases Max Stamina by 4515 and Stamina Recovery by 451


You can also run Jewels of misrule.


The whole point in ganking is to get in and out without being caught. When sniping, you shouldn't be up-close to your target, so that's more of a reason not to run max stats food/drink. 

Elder Scrolls Online 16_06_2022 11_52_20.png
Elder Scrolls Online 16_06_2022 12_03_08.png
Elder Scrolls Online 16_06_2022 12_04_23.png

Gear Sets

PVP - Front Bar Set - Swamp Raiders - Defiler or Scavenging Demise  - Balorghs 

Weapon - Bow - Sharpened - Double Dot Poisons  

Back bar Weapon - 2H - Precise / Powered - Potentates 

Head - Monster Set - Balorghs - Divines 

Shoulders - Monster Set Balorghs - Divines 

Chest Piece - Defiler - Divines - Stamina Glyph 

Waist - Defiler - Divines - Stamina Glyph 

Hands - Defiler - Divines - Stamina Glyph h

Legs - Defiler - Divines - Stamina Glyph 

Feet - Defiler - Divines - Stamina Glyph 

Necklace - Swamp Raider - Infused/Blood Thirsty - Weapon Damage

Ring - Swamp Raider - Infused/Blood Thirsty - Weapon Damage

Mythic -  Oakensoul depending if it gets nerfed  

You can drop your monster set and run Oakensoul for a 1 bar setup. However, there damage difference isn't huge, so completely up to you and how you want to play. You will get more heals and speed with a 2 bar build but more crit damage with Oakensoul 

double dot.JPG
Swamp Raider.JPG
Elder Scrolls Online 16_06_2022 12_15_32.png
scav demise.JPG

Active Skills

Front Bar

bar 1.JPG

1- Silver Bolts - Extra Weapon Damage from Fighter Guild Passive 

2 - Killers Blade - Assassin passive gives 10% extra Crit damage 

3 - Shadowy Disguise 

4 - Camo Hunter - Extra Weapon Damage from Fighter Guild Passive 

5 - Lethal Arrow 

Ultimate - Toxic Barrage 

Back Bar

Back bar if you don't Oakensoul it up 

1. Healthy Offering - Bigger heal then vigor 

2. Channel Acceleration 

3. Rally

4. Shadow Image 

5. Deep Thoughts - Great for regen! 

Ultimate - Temporal Guard - Damage mitigation passive 

Champion Points

bar 2.JPG

Blue tree - You want to buff damage as much as possible. I'm also running occult overload for the off chance i can cause a chain reaction with my kill, as it does 12800 damage to anyone around the person who dies. 

Green tree - usual reduction to stealth + movement speed. 

Red tree - Celerity is a must on gankers, speed will save your life more then healing!

Elder Scrolls Online 16_06_2022 12_15_32.png
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