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ESO High Isle Mythic Lead Locations

*This page will automatically refresh as new leads are found

How to get the Mythic Leads in High Isle?

High Isle has some of the strongest mythic items in the game and the locations below will tell you where you need to go to get them. You'll need Scrying and Excavation. To get these skill lines head to Solitude in Western Skyrim and head to the Antiquarian Circle. The video guide to the right will show you what you need to get started


ESO Dov-Rha Mythic Lead Locations


ESO Sea-Serpent's Coil Mythic Lead Locations

Lefthanders Aegis Belt.png

ESO Lefthander's Aegis Belt Mythic Lead Locations

OakenSoul Ring.png

ESO Oakensoul Mythic Lead Locations

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