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High Isle - Hybrid One Bar Dragon Knight


The one bar appocoypse is upon us. You can either embrace it or complain. So here is my hybrid Dragon Knight utilizing every major buff going thanks to Oakensoul. 



Kahjiit -Nord - Orce - You should really choose a Nord, I just went Khajiit because I'm a secret furry. It's ok, no one reads this part. The reason for Nord is because of the Ult Regen, but honestly, you can get away with most races on this build. Dare I say it, even High Elf. 

Attribute points


-Magicka 26

-Health 25

-Stamina 13


If you want to be more aggressive

-Warrior - Gives Extra Weapon Damage

If you struggle with resource, try going Magicka Recovery to begin with. 

- Atronach - Mag Recovery


Stage 3 would make you be more tanky, however there is a lot of DK's whipping out there, which means they will hit a lot harder if you have a weakness to fire. 


Bewitched Sugar Skulls

Extra Resources go along way on this build. 

Increases Max Health by 3937 Max Stamina and Magicka by 3622 and Health Recovery by 393


You can also run Jewels of misrule as this will give you more recovery just a smaller resource pool. 

Elder Scrolls Online 02_07_2022 18_41_46.png
Elder Scrolls Online 02_07_2022 18_49_47.png

Gear Sets

Witch Knight + Plague Break + Oakensoul  

Weapon - Sword - Precise or Decisive - Double Dot Poisons  

Head - Monster Set - Shadowrend / Chudan - Infused - Tri Glyph

Shoulders - Witch Knight - Divines / Impen - Stamina

Chest Piece - Plague Break - Infused - Tri Glyph 

Waist - Plague Break - Impen - Stamina Glyph 

Hands - Plague Break - Impen - Stamina Glyph h

Legs - Plague Break - Infused - Stamina Glyph 

Feet - Plague Break - Impen - Stamina Glyph 

Necklace - Witch Knight  - Infused - Weapon Damage

Ring - Witch Knight - Infused  - Reduce Magicka Cost

Ring -  Oakensoul - Infused - Reduce Magicka Cost 

There are a variety of ways to run this build. Feel free to play around with the monst set, glyphs and traits. This is setup for my preference, but you might like something a bit more roly poly or reinforced. 

double dot.JPG
witch knight.JPG

Note: I still don't have perfect traits yet I hit like a truck and have good survivablilty 

Elder Scrolls Online 02_07_2022 18_57_49.png

Active Skills

Front Bar

1- Flame Lash - Extra Damage when off Balance or immobilised 

2 - Noxious Breath - Spammable 

3 - Resolving Vigor - Heal Over Time

4 - Coagulating Blood  - BIG PP Heal

5 - Burning Talons

Ultimate - Corrosive Armor 


Champion Points

Blue tree - With the patch being such high damage, it helps to have two defensive nodes or even 3. 

Green tree - usual reduction to stealth + movement speed. 

Red tree - Celerity is still one of my favourites to have, being fast keeps you alive a lot more then you might realise. 

Elder Scrolls Online 02_07_2022 18_57_49.png
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