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High Isle - Mist Form Tank - sawmanUK


This build allows you to be an un-killable ball of gas that can constantly maintain mist form. The joy of this build is that it can be used to troll in PVP or to AFK grind in PVE. 

If you want to know more about the way the cost reduction works for mist form and the maths that went into it, feel free to watch the above video. 



Breton - Dark Elf - High Elf- (realistically anything works, so don't panic if you don't have an optimal race.) 

Dark Elf - Flame Resistant comes in Handy

Extra Damage and Healing Potential. 

Breton - Higher Max Magicka and Cost Reduction 

Attribute points


-Magicka 64

-Health 0

-Stamina 0


-Magicka 14

-Health 50

-Stamina 0


-Theif or Ritulist 

It make sense to stack into Crit so you can get bigger heals. Alternatively you can also choose the ritualist Mundus which gives you a flat 9% healing boost. 

Stage 3 or 4 Vamp for the Undeath Passive 


Bewitched Sugar Skulls - Increase Max Health by 4620, Stamina & Magicka 4250 and Health Recovery by 462


You don't need recovery on this build, you need max stats. Remember, mist form doesn't allow you to have any recovery.  

Elder Scrolls Online 11_05_2022 18_05_15.png
Elder Scrolls Online 10_05_2022 15_43_25.png

Gear Sets

PVE - Front Bar Set - Desert Rose - Spell Parasite 

PVP - Front Bar Set - Desert Rose - Trial By Fire 

Weapon - Sword and Shield of Desert rose - Infused Shield Powered or precise 1h - Restore Magicka Glyph 

Weapon - Flex - Run whatever you like - I would suggest a resto staff with heals. 

Head - Monster Set -Malabeth works really well, so does Grothdar. 

Shoulders - Monster Set or Flex Spot for Mythic 

Chest Piece - Trial by Fire / Spell Parasite - Heavy - Infused - Health Glyph

Waist - Trial by Fire / Spell Parasite - Heavy - Divines - Health Glyph

Hands - Trial by Fire / Spell Parasite - Heavy - Divines - Health Glyph

Legs - Trial by Fire / Spell Parasite - Heavy - Infused - Health Glyph

Feet - Trial by Fire / Spell Parasite - Heavy - Divines - Health Glyph

Necklace -Desert Rose - Infused Trait - Reduce Spell Cost Glyph  

Ring - Desert Rose - Infused Trait - Reduce Spell Cost Glyph  

Mythic - Markyn Ring of Majesty or Oakensoul depending if it gets nerfed again 

Its important to run Reduce spell cost glyphs with infused, as it reduces the cost of mist form down to 200 Magicka per second. 


Active Skills

Front Bar

front bar.JPG

1- Camo Hunter - for increased crit and weapon / spell damage 

2 - Deceptive Predator - Reduce AOE Damage 

3 - Inner Light - Raise Max Magicka 

4 - Flare - Gives Major Protection whilst slotted. 

5 - Blood Mist - Need I say more? 

Ultimate - Eternal Guardian - Bear is OP

Back Bar

Backbar is completely flexible if running PVE.


For PVP you will want to run some heals and buffs. 

1. Rapid Regen

2. Artic Blast

3. Ice Fortress 

4. Blue Netc

5. Crystallised Shield 

Ultimate - Healing Thicket 

Blood Mist.JPG
2nsd bar.JPG

Champion Points

champion pointsss.JPG

For the most part a lot of the champion points slotted are for defensive reasons. 

Fighting finesse is slotted as it gives big juicy crit heals and seems to be the best in slot. 

The Red tree doesn't seem to give much in the way of passive defence. Being a floating gas ball means you don't get stunned, don't block and don't need slippery. 

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