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Necromancer Builds


Soul Collector BashCro 

Release date (July, 2022)

by FragManSaul

Written Build Here

The Oakensoul Bash build is here and it's an utter beast! Take your 1vx skills to the next level and BASH BASH BASH!

TITAN: Stamcro PVP Build

High Isle

Stamina Necromancer 

Release date (June, 2022)

by Nyce Gaming

High Health High Burst Stamina Necromancer Harmony 1vX Build

Written Guide here

High Isle Stamcro PVP Build

Stamina Necromancer 

Release date (June, 2022)

by CapnCrunch

Written Guide here

With this build you wont die, trust me.. Something good to run against all the cheese 1 bar builds out there.


Magicka Necromancer 

Release date (Feb, 2022)

by sawmanUK

Written Guide here

This is a 5 light and 2 Heavy Vicious Death bomb build, but with a difference. It's the perfect bomber for Mid Year Mayhem / Whitestrake

Necromancer Resist The Bash!

Release date (Dec, 2021)

by FragManSaul

Written Build Here

This is a more rounded build with DOT pressure followed by massive Bash damage with great survivabilty. 38K Resist allows you to reduced that damage but also increases your Bash damage.

Necro Bash

Release date (July, 2021)

by FragManSaul

This is the current state of my necromancer Bash build. It's still being worked on but I'm enjoying the playstyle so far. It's fairly hybrid too so there's resources for Magicka and Stamina and room for lots of different playstyles.

The Immortal Warrior - Vampire

VampireRelease date (Dec, 2020)

by FragManSaul

This Magicka Necromancer Vampire build is designed for Battlegrounds with no Champion Points in mind. It's got a high survival and great for objective based games.


BashCro 2.0 PvE Huge AOE clear builds

Release date (Nov, 2021)

Back again with the bash cro this time round it's all about the aoe damage. This build is in beta as it need tweaking. Stay tuned for detailed written guides.

Best of Both Necro - Vampire

Release date (Jan 29, 2021)

Group - Dungeon Medium/Hard

For stage 4 vampire lovers wanting to use simmering frenzy to reach massive spell power so they can deal huge damage while smashing out massive heals.


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