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Necromancer Bomb - Emppur Smashatine

This build has been so much fun to play and the best thing about it , is it pretty easy to assemble. 

I decided to give in to the Meta and use a Necromancer to bomb and I wasnt disappointed. I'm playing slightly different to everyone else in the sense that I've gone for Destro Staff on my front bar and a sword and board on my back back to make me one tank boy. 


Race - Khajiit 

Extra Crit Damage is always nice to have 

Mundus - Steed 

I like the extra speed you get from this, because we are going 3 harmony traits on the jewellery, there's no other good way to get extra speed. 

Food - Sugar Skull Candy 


Gear Sets


Active Skills

Front Bar


1- Avid Bone Yard

2 - Stalking Blast Bones

3 - Degeneration (Proxy Debt would also work in this slot)

4 - Camouflaged Hunter 

5 - Shock Clench (Pulsar is another good alternative)

Ultimate - Pestilent Colossus 


1 - Race Against Time

2 - Deaden Pain

3 - Resistant Flesh

4 - Beckoning Armoury 

5 - Spirit Guardian 

Ultimate - Temporal Guard  ( Barrier could also work to boost Mag recovery) 

Back Bar

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