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Boink Build 

Breakdown of the War Hammer and Great Axe Build - Written by yours truly, sawmanUK 

War Hammer & Great Axe PvP

Release date (Oct 8, 2021)

by SawmanUK

A powerful War Hammer/ Great Axe PvP build that traps enemies and can deal tons of damage to them


Ill keep this really straight forward and simple... basically you want shove everything into Strength with some into Constitution. 
For every 2 Strength points, put 1 into Constitution 


Remember, I'm still low level so I haven't got all my skill points unlocked. But I promise to update this section once I do! 

War Hammer All three crowd crusher abilities. (Shockwave /Clear Out  /Path of Destiny)

Passives - Prevailing Spirit - Hardened Steel - Hammer Time - Epitome of Bonk


Great Axe -  Charge /Execute or Maelstrom / Gravity Well)

Passives - Enduring Strike / Mauler Resolve / Critical Condition / Feed 

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