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Kamikaze Ranger Bow Musket

This build is full range and full damage. Complete glass canon with your only mitigation of damage is not to take any at all. 

You'll need to practice not getting hit and landing you shots but once you've done that you should be fine. lol

If you don't find the build works you need to get gud.

As I level I'll update the build. 

Armor, Gear & Weapons

This is a Ranger build which is max Dex. You'll have to dig for it in the trade post.

For you armor weight you need to be light so you can have max damage but also and more importantly you can roll. Optimised would be 1 medium chest and the rest 4 pieces light.


You'll want dex amulet and dex ring with increased thrust damage to really max out your damage.

Same with weapons Dex all the way and if you can get a perk for the build all the better.



We're going full dex on this build which will give you:

5% Crit Chance

5% Trust Damage

Dodge cost 10 less stamina

10% bonus backstab and headshot damage

10% bonus critical damage on stunned, slowed or rooted enemies

Guaranteed critical hit after a dodge roll

After this you can put in to int for more musket damage or constitution for survivability


Musket Abilities

You're running:

Powder Burn for huge dot damage

Powershot for extra damage 

Trap for CC

I dislike trap as people tend to avoid so I'd recommend sticky bomb when you level. Also shooter's stance is a good ability to open with  but you tend not to use it mid fight

Passives we're going full sniper headshot mode so make sure you hit heads.

Musket skills.jpg

Bow Abilities

You're running:

Poison shot more dot damage

Evade shot for stun and mobility 

Rapid shot as a finisher just make sure you got range before you use this as you're stationary

Passives you'll want to get Dodge and Weave  and Archer's speed as this will help you create space between you and your enemy.

Bow Skills.jpg

Guide written by FragManSaul

FragManSaul creates content on New World and ESO and can be found on stream on his YouTube channel at

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