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Mathematically Correct PVE Mag Sorc 


Just a Super EASY Magicka Sorcerer Build. Nothing to complex, high damage and good self sustain. What more could you want? 



Kahjiit - Dark Elf - High Elf- Khajiits are always optimal for PVE with their added Critical damage and just generally good all-round stats. High Elf is also very sort after, but honestly, just play what you are comfortable with!

Attribute points


-Magicka 11

-Health 7

-Stamina 46


-Thief - Gives Extra Crit 

Basically.. just use what ever you are lacking. For myself, my crit chance can do with an added boost, so I have opted for the thief. 


Ghastly eye balls increase your Max Magicka and give you a huge 459 Mag Recovery! So for me, this is best in slot.

Elder Scrolls Online 22_09_2022 13_55_29.png
Elder Scrolls Online 22_09_2022 13_55_54.png

Gear Sets

Set's:  Pillar of Nirn  - Arms of Relequen - Maw of Infernal - Mythic - Pale Order 

Weapon - Daggers - 1 Pillar of Nirn  1 Relequen - Nirnhoned/Sharpened  

 Flame Glyph + Weapon Damage

Back bar Weapon - 2H Sword - Precise - Weapon Glyph  

Head - Monster Set - Maw of Infernal  - Divines 

Shoulders - Monster Set - Maw of Infernal  - Divines 

Chest Piece - Pillar of Nirn - Divines - Magicka Glyph 

Waist - Relequen- Divines - Magicka Glyph 

Hands - Pillar of Nirn - Divines - Magicka Glyph 

Legs - Pillar of Nirn - Divines - Magicka Glyph 

Feet - Relequen- Divines - Magicka Glyph 

Necklace - Relequen - Blood Thirsty - Spell Damage 

Ring - Pillar of Nirn - Blood Thirsty - Spell Damage 

Mythic -  Pale Order  

Harpooners Kilt would do more damage, but I like Pale order for solo. So essentially, just swap out if you are doing group play. Markyn also works, or you could just go without a mythic and have Pillar of Nirn Proc on both bars.  

Pale Order.JPG
Maw of infernal.JPG
Pillar of nern.JPG

Active Skills

Front Bar

Front bar.JPG

1- Crystal Fragment - This is your main spammable 

2 - Daedric Prey  - 6 Second count down, makes your pets do extra damage  

3 - Flex Spot - Mystic Orb 

4 - Volatile Familiar 

5 - Twilight Tormenter - active to cause more damage every 20 seconds 

Ultimate - Dawn Breaker - Give extra damage due to the Fighter Guild passives  

Back Bar

back bar.JPG

Back bar if you don't Oakensoul it up 

1. Channelled Acceleration - 60 Seconds up time on minor force

2. Stampede - Leaves an AOE on the Ground for 15 seconds

3. Crit Surge - Allows you to heal 

4. Volatile Familiar 

5. Twilight Tormenter

Ultimate - Charged Atronach 

Champion Points

Blue tree - You want to go for as much damage as possible. If solo though, you may change the points about to give more healing. 

Green tree - ummm, PVE stuff? 

Red tree - Sustain is key here, having the expert evasion passives helps loads with roll dodging mechanics. 

Champion points.JPG
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