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About Me

Oh Hi, sawman here.

What can I say about me... well .. I'm not actually a dog.


My profile pic is a dog... I do sometimes have Doggo speak in my videos... and apparently I'm a "V-tuber" with an animated Doggo avatar... but i promise you, I am not a communist!

I've had my YouTube account since near enough day 1 of YT being a thing. However I didn't start uploading till 2019 besides the odd shit post. 

I've been regularly uploading for about 2 years now and probably should be more popular going by the standards of every kid who plays Fortnite. 

That being said, I enjoy making videos and If I can somehow make it a full time job, well, wouldn't that be something. 

Please see below a few of my finer videos and editing skills: 

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