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Skyrim Together Install Instructions

Welcome to my guide on how to get Skyrim Together Installed in 2022

Things you will need: 

- A Copy of Skyrim Special Edition 

- A PC

- Friends

Useful Links: 

Harbour Application DOWNLOAD HERE

Skyrim Down-grader NEXUSMODS

Harbour 1.0.6 Download here:

Apparently the 1.0.6 app is no longer available on the Git hub site. Feel free to manually download here. 

Just click the icon

Known Issues: 

-In some instances, Anti Virus will need to be temporarily switched off to launch Skyrim from the Harbour Application. Usually a JAVA issue will indicate this. 

-The Xbox Game Pass version on PC doesn't seem to work. It looks to be an issue with where the files are stored and no one has come back to me with testing after moving the folders to the steam directory. 

-If you have gotten quite far in the game and completed the main questline, it can cause all sorts of issues when visiting major cities. 

-Appearance MODS don't always synch up and can leave people looking bald... amongst other things. 

-If you have 300 mods installed and go near players who don't, its likely that Skyrim will Sh*t itself and crash. 

-Game Saves might appear as corrupt after a downgrade... DO NOT PANIC... its literally a issue with the version, so if you update Skyrim you can play your original saves. 


- It's always best to start on a fresh character

- Try and match your MODs to your friends

- Save often, not just quick saves but hard saves. 

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