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Sea Serpents Gear Build 

Monster set

Magma Incarnate

Great all-rounder

You get damage, resistance and added bonus of group utility.

   Damage: Balorgh
All damage buffs

Tanky: Bloodspawn
Good resistances and great ultimate regeneration

iron bllod.png
Rallying Cry.png

Gear Traits:

Chest and legs, heavy and reinforced with the rest being well-fitted (personal opinion) Impenetrable or sturdy are also viable options.

Jewellery Traits:

All infused or swift if you wish to counter the slow from the sets

Weapon Traits:


Front Bar:

Nirnhoned 2 Hander
Back Bar:
           Defending, if using a 2H weapon
                 Defending/Sturdy 1H and sword and board

magma wellfitted.png


Front Bar - Rallying Cry
       Another all-rounder set giving damage, group utility         and a lot of crit resistances.
       (1 light, 2 heavy, 4 medium)


Plaguebreak or Clever Alchemist < Damage
         Daedric Trickery < Tanky

Back Bar- Ironblood
           Chosen to be paired with one of the new mythics, Sea-Serpent's Coil. Their negatives effects work in conjunction. Full explanation in the video provided.

1pc Armour of the Trainee

gear layout.png

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