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TITAN - Stamina Necromancer - Nyce Gaming


The Titan is a stamina necromancer featuring a high health pool and a high damaging burst. This is a harmony stamina necromancer build utilizing the new and exciting changes to the ruinous scythe skill which heals based off of our max health. Scythe applies the hemorrhage status effect which applies a small damage over time while also applying the minor mangle status effect which reduces the opponents maximum health by 10% and thus making it easier to burst them. Additonaly necromancer now has a dependable stun in its class kit via off balance from the scythe (details in build video)

Your high health pool WITH ONLY 17 HEALTH ATTRIBUTES INVESTED will sometimes fool opponents into thinking you will not have damage or that you are a tank. We are however, a full damage stat based build.

We are at:

42,402 Health

27,144 Stam

18,006 Magicka

22k Resistances

6022 Weapon Damage & 22.3k Pen with Balorgh 500


At least 2580 Stam Recovery with potion

Very solid stats to 'turn & burn' opponents with the health pool to survive once going offensive.

Gear Synergy

Our Frontbar set titanborn synergizes extremely well with our high health pool because we get full benefit of the set at 50% health which for us is over 20k!!!! So still quite safe to go aggressive. Also this helps reap the benefit of vampire stage 3 undeath RIDICULOUSLY! at 50% we have approximately 15% mitigation while still having another 20k health to get towards that fill 30% undeath value. Worth noting that we reach 48k health with an ayleid well and emp bonus and 50k health with a warden giving minor toughness.

Our backbar set clever alchemist is a huge damage boost which we want, but also the set is perfect for the build because we get TWO helpful health lines.

Trainee's one piece is big value for more health.

Balorgh is just insaaane damage.

alternative frontbar sets include Stuhn's & Essence Thief!

Also: Feel free to not invest ANY attributes into health as you'll still be at 40k health! I'm currently experimenting with this as you can get even more damage by putting those 17 points into stam.




Imperial - Perhaps the best stam race especially for this build. Great/best max stats and the 6% cost reduction helps mitigate stage 3 cost increase from vampire. This 6% also applies to roll dodge, block, bash, etc.

Other Races

- Orc

- Dark Elf

Attribute points

-Magicka 0

-Health 17

-Stamina 47



More stat dense and valuable than a damage mundus as you'd use.

Stage 3 Vamp for the Undeath Passive 


- Tripe Trifle Pocket: Max Health Stam Recovery (cheap blue food) Use Smoked Bear if you can afford, but I prefer the blue food to keep the gameplay cost efficient and the build accessible.

Scythe Update.PNG

Gear Sets

Front Bar Set - Titanborn 

Back Bar Set - Clever Alchemist 

FB Weapon - Dual Wield Maces Titanborn  - Nirnohoned / Sharpened - Absorb Stamina / Shock Glyph 

BB Weapon - 2H Greatsword Clever Alchemist - Defending - Weapon Damage Glyph or immobilization Poisons

Head - Monster Set (Heavy) - Balorgh (Magma Incarnate For BGs) - Impen or Reinforced - Tri Stat

Shoulders - Monster Set (Heavy) - Balorgh (Magma Incarnate for BGs) - Sturdy Or impen  - Tri Stat

Chest Piece - Gallant Chain (Heavy) - (Trainee Set Chest piece ) - Reinforced - Tri Stat Glyph 

Waist - Clever Alchemist (light armor) - Well Fitted or Impen - Tri Stat Glyph 

Hands - Titanborn - Well Fitted or impen- Tri Stat Glyph 

Legs - Clever Alchemist (Heavy) - Reinforced or impen - Tri Stat Glyph 

Feet - Titanborn - Impen or well fitted- Tri Stat Glyph 

Necklace - Clever Alchemist - Harmony Trait - Stamina Recovery Glyph 

Ring - Titanborn - Harmony Trait - Weapon Damage Glyph 

Mythic - Death Dealer's Fete - Harmony Trait - Weapon Damage Glyph

You could go with a 3rd damage glyph, but I'd recommend staying with the one recovery glyph just incase

Alt Setups - Stuhns, Essence Thief, or even Plaguebreak. I prefer Magma in battlegrounds or even malubeth.

                  - Clever is tough to replace, but you could go with powerful assault in group or rallying cry, but max health and resistances will suffer being that clever can be crafted in heavy.

Active Skills


FRONTBAR: Avid Boneyard, razor caltrops Mortal Coil, Ruinous Scythe, Blighted Blastbones, Dawnbreaker Of Smiting

BACKBAR: Summoner's Armor, Intensive Mender, Forward Momentum, Vigor, Reistant Flesh


CP is the opportunity for the player to express their own twist or needs to the build. Some mandatory CP I will state is max health cp in the red tree, occult overload in the blue tree. I like pairing biting aura and master at arms as well. The new off balance cp and ironclad are great too obviously. I'd also recommend sustained by suffering as mandatory.


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