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Ascending Tides - Magicka DragonKnight - TheRealGodzilla

This build is an update to the original Zilla Mag DK PVP build for the Ascending Tide DLC. What really brings this build together is the change from Power Lash to Molten Whip. Adding some insane burst and adding some killing potential to this class. 

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Dark Elf - (Give more Max Stamina and Magikca) 

Flame Resistant comes in Handy

Extra Damage and Healing Potential. 

Other Races

- Breton

Attribute points

-Magicka 50 

-Health 14 

-Stamina 0 



Pound for pound one of the best mundus stones in game. Will give more value then weapon/spell damage. 

Stage 3 Vamp for the Undeath Passive 


- Red Frothgar - Increases Mag Health By 5395 and Mag Recovery by 493 

zilla build.JPG
zilla build.JPG
red frothgar.png

Gear Sets

Front Bar Set - Burning Spellweave 

Back Bar Set - Rallying Cry 

Weapon - Dual Wield Maces Burning Spellweave Swords  - Nirnohoned / Charged - Disease / Shock Glyph 

Weapon - Resto Staff Rallying Cry - Defending - Weapon Damage Glyph 

Head - Monster Set - Magma Incarnate or Blood Spawn - Reinforced - Tri Stat

Shoulders - Monster Set - Magma Incarnate or Blood Spawn - Well fitted  - Tri Stat

Chest Piece - Gallant Chain - (Trainee Set Chest piece ) - Reinforced - Tri Stat Glyph 

Waist - Rallying Cry - Well Fitted - Tri Stat Glyph 

Hands - Rallying Cry - Well Fitted - Tri Stat Glyph 

Legs - Burning Spellweave - Reinforced - Tri Stat Glyph 

Feet - Burning Spellweave - Impen - Tri Stat Glyph 

Necklace - Burning Spellweave - Swift Trait - Weapon Damage Glyph 

Ring - Rallying Cry - Infused Trait - Reduce Magicka Cost of Spells Glyph 

Mythic - Markyn Ring of Majesty - Infused - Weapon Damage 

Weapon Damage glyphs because the minor brutality that DK's get will buff this by 10%, due to the change with hybridisation its best to stack weapon damage, even on a Mag DK. 

Alt Setups - Plague Break for Burning Spellweave 

                  - Deadric Trickery for Rallying Cry

Active Skills

Front Bar

1- Molten Whip

2 - Burning Embers

3 - Flames of Oblivion 

4 - Shattering Rocks 

5 - Noxious Breath 

Ultimate - Ferocious Leap 

front bar.JPG
back bar.JPG

1 -Radiating Regen

2 - Degeneration 

3 - Coagulating Blood 

4 - Volatile Armor

5 - Race Against Time 

Ultimate - Corrosive Armor 

Back Bar

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